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African pygmy goat


Scientific Name: Capra hircus 

Range: Originated in Western Africa; now distributed worldwide

Habitat:  Domesticated

Diet: Grasses, twigs, leaves

Life Span: 10-15 years

Description: These goats are smaller than regular goats, standing 15-20in (38-51cm) tall at the shoulder. Sometimes they are just as wide as tall, weighing 40-70lbs (18-32kg). They come in many colors including black, red, brown, and golden, with many random markings. They are hardy goats, developing fine and short hair during the humid summer months, but they also develop thicker coats to withstand colder and harsher temperatures.

Family Life: The Pygmy Goat is domesticated and lives in family groups or with other domesticated animals. They are year-round breeders, so a doe may give birth twice in one year. The gestation period is usually 150 days. Generally, the first time a doe gives birth, it is to just one kid, but after that, twins and triplets are common.

Status in the Wild: Rare; it is an older breed of goat that has been phased out due to changes in agricultural practices

Nature Notes: This type of goat is especially social, docile, and friendly, and seems to make a good pet. They are also a very popular show animal. When the herd feel threatened they will make a circle around the pregnant females to protect them. Because of this, some females will fake pregnancy so that they will be protected in times of danger.

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