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African Lion


Weight: 330 – 500 lbs

Group name: Pride

Top Speed: 50 mph for short bursts

Protection status: Vulnerable

The African lion is a massive, tawny colored predator of the cat family. The male lion has a distinctive ruff of hair around the head and neck known as a mane, which begins to develop when he is about 10 months old. Compared to other cats, lions are very social animals and live in groups of 5 to 25 individuals called prides. The pride is made up of several related adult females, their cubs, and some adult males. The males, often brothers, may come and go, and even be members of more than one pride at a time. The females hunt together, only occasionally being helped by the male members, but when the hunt is over the adult males, generally 30 to 40 percent larger, eat first. African lions roam the grasslands and vast savannas of central and South Africa.


Samson the male African Lion was born in Tennessee in mid-March of 2013. He was relocated to Kalahari Zoo in Sandusky, Ohio wher…

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