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African white-necked raven


Scientific Name:  Corvus albicollis

Range: Eastern and Southern Africa

Habitat:  Mountainous regions

Diet: They are omnivorous, feeding on anything and everything edible.  They will prey on small rodents and large insects but will also scavenge carrion, grain, fruit, peanuts and human food. 

Description:  They stand at 20 inches tall and have a wingspan of 3-4 feet.

Status in the Wild:  Least concern

Nature Notes:  Like other members of the bird family Corvidae which includes ravens, crows, and jays, White-necks are intelligent and playful.  They love to hop, fly, and peck at items.  They have frequently been spotted partaking in aerial acrobatics.  Inquisitive and often friendly, these ravens will also mimic human speech. 

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