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Patas Monkey


Scientific NameErythrocebus patas

Habitat: Open country: savannas and woodland areas

Range: West Africa to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Lifespan: 15-20 yrs, 20+ in captivity

Diet: Acacia tree parts, fruit, grubs, insects, and small reptiles.

Family Life: Patas Monkeys have a gestation period of 167 days after which 1 infant will be born. They give birth between December and February and infants are black until they are about 2 months old. They will leave the troop at 4 years of age.

Status: Patas monkeys are listed as Least Concern as this is a widespread species.  This species is occasionally hunted for food, and is also persecuted as a crop pest in several range countries. It is threatened in parts of its range by habitat loss due to increasing desertification as a result of land-use practices (e.g., overgrazing by cattle, clearance of savanna for crops etc.).

Nature Notes: The world's fastest primate, this monkey can run on the ground at speeds of up to 35 mi per hour. Patas monkeys walk on their fingers, not on their palms. When relaxed, they lean back and put up their feet! Patas monkeys can hold as much food in their cheeks as they can in their stomachs. Compared to other Old World Monkeys, they are relatively quiet except during times of conflict. Groups of Patas monkeys never spend two nights in the same place and each monkey sleeps in the most inaccessible tree he or she can find. Patas monkeys are also known as: Red Monkey, Military Monkey, Hussar Monkey, Sergeant Major Monkey and Dancing Monkeys.



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