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Rococo Toad


Scientific Name:   Bufo paracnemis

Range:  South America

Habitat: Open Grasslands; near freshwater

Life Span:  Over 35 years

Diet: Anything that will fit into their mouth, including:  mice, fish, large insects, birds, reptiles, and other amphibians

Description:  Unlike other toads, males are smaller than females.  Males have nuptial pads (big thumbs), croak, and have darker throats than the females.  Females can grow to be 10-12 inches.  They have bumpy skin that can be shades of brown, black, and tan.  This helps them to camouflage with their habitat.  They are the largest species of toad in the world.

Family Life:  Breeding takes place during the rainy season.  Their eggs are laid in pools of water.  The tadpoles begin to emerge after 2 days.  After several weeks, the tadpoles will lose their tails.  Unlike adults, they are striped.  These toads will reach sexual maturity by 3 years of age, but will continue to grow for up to 20 years.

Nature Notes:  Rococo toads are nocturnal animals.  They will inflate their body and puff loudly when threatened.  They have large parotoid glands on the sides of their head and on their lower thighs.  These glands produce a toxin known as bufotoxin.  This toxin has a bad taste and protects them from predators.  This is the key way to identify true toads from frogs.

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