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South american cougar


Class: Mammal
Felis concolor

Size: 24” – 28” to shoulder; 5’ – 6’ head/body length; 26” – 30” tail length

Breeding: Males 3 years; Females 2 years

Mating: Males year round; Females every 2 years

Gestation: 90-96 days

No. of Young: 2-6 in litter

Lifestyle: Solitary, generally hunt at dawn & dusk

Diet: Meat; deer, rodents or any wild animal

Lifespan: 18 years

Cougars are also known as pumas, panther, or mountain lions. They live throughout North and South America. They live in habitats ranging from snow covered mountains to tropical rain forest.

Cougars are long and lean and very powerful and capable of killing prey such as bear or bison with a single bite. Although they are usually red or brown, but the coloration may vary.

Instead of occupying a permanent den they rest and find shelter in caves, among rocky outcrops and in dense vegetation. They generally migrate from the mountain in winter to follow the deer and other prey.

They can leap up to 23 feet in a single bound and up to heights of 18 feet. They are great climbers and can drop up to 65 feet from the ground without injuring themselves.


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