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Adopt An Animal

Have you ever wanted to be the proud adoptive parent to a spotted leopard, red kangaroo or other exotic species? This is your opportunity to do something wonderful for something wild at the Zoo in Forest Park and Education Center. Our Adopt an Animal Program is the perfect way to teach children and adults about conservation and to increase their awareness of exotic and indigenous species.

Group Adoptions

For more information about adopting an animal, call the Forest Park Zoological Society at (413)733-2251 x301.

Adoptive Parents

The Zoo offers the opportunity to become even closer to the animals and assist in supporting the cost of their food and care. Any individual or group can adopt an animal; singles, couples, families, school classes, office staff, clubs, businesses, sports teams, colleges, and community organizations. Most animals are adopted by more than one person or group.

Anyone can adopt an animal!

The Zoo in Forest Park, a private non-profit organization, houses and cares for over 200 animals and birds. These wonderful creatures depend entirely on us, and you!

For mail-in adoptions

Download Adoption Form (PDF)

Adoption Certificate
Animal Fact Sheet
Bumper Sticker
Photo of Animal (5x7)
Train Passes x2 x2 x2
Recognition on the Website
Digital Wallpaper
Animal Cracker Coupons x2 x2

Adopt an Animal - Level 1


Adopt an Animal - Level 2


Adopt an Animal - Level 3


Adopt an Animal - Level 4


Adopt an Animal - Level 5


Special thanks to our level 3, 4 & 5 adoption parents:

  • Jeanne Elin
  • Chatham-Beech Charitable Foundation
  • Academy Hill School
  • Peter & Amanda Kelly
  • Justin Kennedy
  • Luke Small
  • Lily & Devin Clark
  • Margaret Sullivan
  • Alex Niblack
  • Madilyn Wright
  • Gavin Dubilo
  • Sue Lemieux
  • Pauline Ryba¬†
  • The Sarti Family
  • Washington School
  • Grace Gustafson
  • Salvatore Esposito Jr
  • Paul & Judy Kniskern

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