Scientific Name: Pogona vitticeps

Range: Central Australia

Habitat: Semi-arid woodlands

Diet: Insects, small vertebrates and vegetation including fruits and flowers

Life Span: Generally 4-6 years, although few have lived to 10 years

Description: This mid-sized stocky lizard has a large triangular head and prominent spines along its sides. They have a spiny jaw pouch, which when swollen look like a beard. Adults can reach a body length of 10 inches (25 cm.), or 2 ft (61 cm) including the tail. Its basic color ranges from brown and gray to orange.

Family Life: Sexual maturity is reached between 1-2 years of age. The female lays clutches of eleven to sixteen eggs early in the summer. The eggs are laid in nests which are dug in sandy soil and the unattended young hatch three months later.

Status in the Wild: Not considered endangered or threatened.

Nature Notes: They are able to regulate their body temperature by using evaporation. They can change color from light to dark depending on how hot or cold they are. Their ability to store heat makes it possible for them to operate at lower temperatures than other lizards. Their stocky body shape helps them to absorb and store heat more efficiently. They are adept climbers and can often be found on tree branches and bushes

Basic Husbandry Cost: 75