Class: Mammal

Order: Artidactyla

Family: Bovidae

Genus: Capra hircus

Size: 2’ to 4’ at shoulder; 80-200 lbs.

Gestation: 150 days

No. of Young: 1-2 kids

Lifestyle: Herds or groups

Diet: Grazers, on grass, grains and hay

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Nature Notes: Goats have natural distribution in Africa, Eurasia and North American. They are members of the even-toed ungulates or “hoofed mammals” group. Among the characteristics are scimitar-shaped or spiraling angular horns. Both the male and female have horns and bears, however the horns on the male can be massive. Females are attracted to billies with larger horns, which prove the health, strength and status of the male. All goats are ruminants, having four stomach chambers. The first and largest stomach is called the rumen, the name ruminant. The rumen is a huge fermentation vat filled with micro-organisms. Here the indigestible fibers in plants are broken down into useable nutrients. From time to time the animal will regurgitate portions of food to be rechewed. This is called “chewing their cud.”

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