Class: Bird

Order: Gallidormes

Family: Phasianidea

Genus: Pavo cristatus

Size: Females- Peahens, 2.5’-3.5’, 6’9 pounds; Males- Peacocks, 3’-4’ Tail up to 7’, 9’13 pounds

Breeding: 2-3 years

Mating: Spring

Gestation: 28 days

No. of young: 2-6 eggs/chicks

Lifestyle: Flocks

Diet: Plants, seeds, fruits, worms & insects

Lifespan: 15 years

Nature Notes: Peafowl have been a part of history for over 4,000 years and is the oldest known ornamental bird. Peafowl are members of the pheasant and turkey family. Peacocks originated from India and Sri-lanka.
They are best known for their beautiful plumage of tail feathers. Before mating, the male courts his favorite female intensively. This is called courtship display. To do this, they extend the top tail mask which gives it its typical outer appearance. At first, the male shows her his back with its snow-white “tuff” then it becomes really colorful. He opens his huge fan with its splendid shining feathers. At the end of each tail feather there is an eye that the female is deeply impressed by. Fanning out its tail, the male lets all his feathers tremble again and again, producing a sharp rustling sound which puts the peahen into a trance. After mating the males flock together, and the females flock together to raise the chicks.
Male peafowl shed their tail feathers each year after mating season is over. Tail feathers come in colors of blue, green, and white. Both males and females have a crest of short erect feathers along with crown of their heads.

Peafowl are not endangered.