Class: Mammal

Order: Primate

Family: Catta

Genus: Lemur

Size: 10-12 lbs; 16” body/ 24” tail

Breeding: April

Mating: 21-30 months

Gestation: 134-138 days

No. of Young: 1

Lifestyle: Family units

Diet: Fruit, flowers. Leaves, bark, sap & herbs

Lifespan: Up to 25 years

Nature Notes: The ring-tailed lemur is the size of a large cat. Its nose looks like a fox’s face and its tail is like a raccoon’s but it is not related to a cat, a fox, or a raccoon. Instead, lemurs are primates related to monkeys, apes, and humans. Lemurs are “prosimians” or early monkeys.
Lemurs smear branches with scent from glands on their body. In this way, they mark their territory. The scent also helps them identify one another. Ring tailed lemurs are social animals. They live in groups of 5-30. Females dominate the group.
There are more than 20 species of lemur. The ring-tailed is terrestrial. They spend much of their time on the ground. They live in rocky areas with few trees. The palms and soles of their feet are smooth and leather-like, giving them a good grip on slippery rocks.
Early in the morning they like to find a sunny spot. Lemurs sit upright facing the sin, spreading their arms and legs apart and exposing their white belly. Native people thought that lemurs were “sun-worshippers.” However, they are only warming themselves. They live only on Madagascar, an island off the east coast of Africa.

Lemurs are an endangered species.