Class: Mammal

Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Suidae

Genus: Sus; scrofa

Size: 2’ to 3’ at shoulder; 300-500 lbs

Gestation: 140 days

No. of Young: 3-12 piglets

Lifestyle: Males are solitary; females live in groups

Diet: omnivorous; fungi, tubers, bulbs, vegetation, grains, nuts, and small vertebrates

Lifespan: 15- 20 years

Nature Notes: Potbelly pigs originated in Vietnam, the Philippines and Asia and have been domesticated in all parts of the world.

Their skin is tough with wire-like hairs or stiff bristles that are very scant, and the tail is only lightly covered with short hairs. Their habitant is usually under vegetation and in thick forests. They like to wallow in the mud and are fast runners and strong swimmers. They are most active at night and are crepuscular.

Pot-bellied pigs can make a great pet. They are very friendly and trainable and will even go to a litter box! However, they have razor sharp teeth and can bite to defend themselves. The males are called boars and have tusks and the females are called sows. They are not endangered.