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pose1.jpg“Hi! My name is Forest and I live with all of my animal friends at The Zoo in Forest Park and Education Center. We LOVE it when humans come to visit. Aside from feeding time, it’s our favorite part of the day!

I would like to meet you when you come to the Zoo. Here are a few fun facts about me to help us get started. My favorite color is blue. I am really good at playing soccer. My birthday is in August and I love to party! Don’t miss my epic birthday celebration this summer at the Zoo! Watch this website for dates and times.

I spend most of my time inside of the Zoo. There is so much to see and do here! I ride the train around the park and I even visit kids having birthday parties (because I love to party – did I mention that?). If you are having a party at the Zoo and would like me to visit you, contact Darlene Blaney [email link]. She keeps track of my schedule because I’m a primate – and we aren’t very good at that sort of thing.

You may also see me outside of the Zoo. I visit lots of cool places when I am invited!
For more information contact Darlene.

Let’s hang out!


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