The Internship Program at the Zoo In Forest Park provides an array of opportunities for college students to acquire hands-on experience working with exotic and indigenous animal species. The Zoo provides opportunities to conduct research and field studies, and gives practical experience in developing research methods, and communication and teaching skills.

Interns work closely with the animal care staff, our education and administrative staff, adult volunteers, and Junior Zookeepers. Interns may conduct educational programs and workshops in collaboration with the Education Department, while they gain confidence through public speaking.

Application Procedure

Please fill out the application and return at least four weeks before the start of your school session.

Volunteer Application 2018
Education Internship Application
Animal Care Application 2018

Submit all forms and inquiries to:

Zoo in Forest Park and Education Center
P.O. Box 80295
Springfield, MA 01138

An interview is required before acceptance into the program. Please call the Director of Education at 413-733-2251 x305 with any questions or concerns you may have.

Internships may include work in many areas including, animal diets and nutrition, animal behavior, zoo exhibit design, and animal enrichment activities. Interns may help with educational programming within the zoo as well as in giving Zoo On The Go presentations in schools and at other locations.

Opportunities are available in historical documentation, grant writing, and marketing and development, which may include projects such as creating, conducting, and analyzing visitor surveys.

Individual fields of interest and the exploration of original ideas are enthusiastically encouraged and supported.

The Zoo's Educational Staff and Animals Care Staff work closely with interns and professors to develop research projects or goals that satisfy degree requirements.

Recurring Donation

$10 $25 $50 $75 $100