Clint Screechwood: Superb Owl Awards

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Clint Screechwood, a one-eyed screech owl, sits on top of a gloved hand in his enclosure.

Clint Screechwood, one of three eastern screech owls at The Zoo in Forest Park, is on his way to taking home the Superb Owl Trophy and $5,000 in support of our mission. He a finalist in BonusFinder's Superb Owl Awards, a play off the common mis-typed "Super Bowl" internet searches that spike at this time of year. 

BUT, to crown Mr. Screechwood as Superb Owl of the Year, we need your help! You can vote daily in the four through Jan. 31 at  You must enter a name and email to vote. (Psss... There's even an opportunity for you to win $1,000 just by voting.)

ABOUT CLINT: Clint Screechwood and his two companions, Hooma Thurman and Jean-Clawed Van Damme, all live with permanent vision impairments that prevent them from living safely in the wild. The Zoo in Forest Park is focused on education, conservation and rehabilitation and works with wildlife rehabilitators across the country to provide permanent homes to animals that have been deemed non-releasable due to injury, illness, permanent disability and other factors, much like our three eastern screech owls.

Voting Rounds:
Top 16: January 11-17
Quarter Final: January 18-22
Semi Final: January 23-25
Final: January 26-31  

Our Mission

Where do animals go when they can’t survive on their own in the wild?

Many of them come here, to The Zoo in Forest & Education Center.

Since 2017, when we shifted our focus away from the traditional zoo model, we have been working with wildlife rehabilitators, refuges, sanctuaries and other zoos across the country to provide a safe, permanent home for animals that have been deemed “non-releasable.”

What, exactly, does that mean?

Below, we introduce you to three of our newest residents: Farrah, Cedar and Damien. Through their stories you will understand how they came to live at The Zoo and why they rely on the care from our dedicated zookeepers.

We are proud of our new mission and philosophy, and the work we are doing in the fields of education, conservation and rehabilitation. But in order to best serve these special needs animals, many of which require lifelong, specialized medical care, we need your help.

Your support is critical in allowing us to follow this path, rescuing and caring for animals that otherwise would not survive. If you, too, believe in our mission we ask you to support it through a monetary donation.

On behalf of all of us at The Zoo in Forest Park, thank you for taking the time to learn more about our mission and a few members of our Zoo Crew.

Meet Farrah

Meet Farrah

Meet Cedar

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Meet Damien

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