FPZ Board Member Honored as Difference Maker

To us, Ted Hebert, owner of Teddy Bear Pools & Spas and longtime member of The Zoo’s Board of Directors, has always been a “difference maker.” But Ted officially received this title when he was recognized as one of BusinessWest’s 2022 Difference Makers at a ceremony held at The Log Cabin on Thursday, March 24. Teddy has been an active member of The Zoo’s Board for several decades. But that’s not where his philanthropy ends. He and his wife, Barbara, also give back to many other important causes in our community, particularly to organizations whose missions focus on youth or animal welfare. We are lucky to have him as a member of our Board and want to congratulate him on this well-deserved honor.

Ted Hebert stands behind a podium on stage and addresses the audience at Business West's Difference Maker's ceremony.
Ted Hebert addresses the audience at the Difference Maker's ceremony. ​​​​​​

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