The Zoo in Forest Park & Education Center has successfully complete 125 years of serving the greater Springfield community.  We look forward to the next 125 years. 




Three years ago, The Zoo shifted away from the traditional zoo model to instead focus on education, conservation and rehabilitation. We are now working with zoos, sanctuaries, rescues and refuges across the country to provide a safe, permanent home for animals deemed non-releasable due to age, disability or injury. In 2019 alone, we brought in more than 40 animals in need of permanent placement.

The Zoo is truly a special place, providing a space - in the heart of Springfield - where people can observe and interact with a wide variety of native and exotic animals, emphasizing the importance of a deep, lasting connection to the natural world. We welcomed more than 75,000 visitors in 2019, and reached another 13,000 children and adults through our on- and off-site education programs.

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