Kids Go Wild is a multi-week, hands-on educational outreach program that brings ambassador animals, artifacts, and other educational materials to schools, community centers, and other locations. This unique program features at least one cross-hatched science and literacy activity or lesson as well as a variety of animal ambassadors and artifacts. Participants keep a journal throughout the Kids Go Wild program, answering follow-up and critical thinking questions regarding the lesson. These journals are reviewed by program staff at the conclusion of the program to gauge success and expected outcomes.



$400 per program
All programs have a maximum capacity of 25 participants.

(Programs exceeding 25 participants will incur a fee of $5 per additional participant)

 Topics include:

 herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores, the food web, adaptations, winter changes, enrichment, living dinosaurs, and more!

Please ask about additional lessons available. New lessons can be created upon request to fit specific state standards.



          "[This] program was an incredible opportunity for our after school children. [They] looked forward to it every week and were eager to learn. They were able to enjoy experiences and close encounters with animals they would probably never have, which for some, included tackling various animal fears. It taught many of them how to properly interact with an animal. It was amazing to see some of the thoughtful questions the kids came up with along the way and how they used critical thinking to answer [the] questions each time. I think the children learned a lot of new information that they can apply to science class, walking in nature, and even with pets at home. It gave them a fun way to practice literacy skills with their journals and I think it really enriched their lives." - Stephanie H. | Springfield, MA

Special program notes:

Kids Go Wild is a two-time national education award winner! Check out the details below:

Forest Park Zoo’s education director receives national award.

Forest Park Zoo receives second national award for education programming.