Wildlife on Wheels

Wildlife on Wheels is an educational outreach program that brings animal ambassadors to schools, daycares, hospitals, retirement centers, camps, birthday parties, and other locations. These programs are designed to provide information about the animals, including their special adaptations, habitats, behaviors, diets and status in the wild. Topics can be arranged to correspond with classroom projects.


45-minute program - 5 ambassador animals
$275 plus travel fee ($1 per mile, round trip from 293 Sumner Ave., Springfield, MA to the program address; programs in Springfield do not have to pay a travel fee)

*Additional fees apply for groups of more than 50 partcipants.

Wildlife on Wheels FAQs:

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What ambassador animals will be at the program?

The zoo educator will bring five animal ambassadors for a 45-minute education program. These animals may be mammals, reptiles, birds, or invertebrates. Animal ambassadors are always selected the day of the program by the educator hosting your event. The selection of animals depends on a variety of factors, including: the zoo educator, the length of the program, the distance from The Zoo, and other factors. Please let us know if there are any animals you would prefer we leave at The Zoo. Requests cannot be guaranteed as we do not force our animals to participate in programs if they are not interested in leaving The Zoo the day of your event. The animals listed on our website are different than the animal ambassadors that travel for programming; the animal ambassadors for Wildlife on Wheels programs may include: rabbits, hedgehogs, degus, guinea pigs, various small lizards such as bearded dragons, small snakes such as corn snakes, and medium snakes such as ball pythons or red tailed boas, small turtles and tortoises, hissing cockroaches, chickens, ducks, and parrots.

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How do I pick a date and time?

As soon as you settle on a time and date, please send the contract in so we can put you into our system and confirm the booking. When selecting a date and time, please select whatever date and start time work best for your facility. If there is any conflict or concern with the requested date or time, The Zoo will let you know as soon as possible. The Zoo cannot confirm a date without a contract in hand.

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How will I know if my program is booked?

The Zoo will send a confirmation email when the contract is received and processed. If you submit a contract and do not receive a confirmation email within 2 business days, please check your spam folder. If you still do not have a confirmation email, please reach out to The Zoo. Programs that submit a contract are responsible for paying the full amount due.


"I thought the program was wonderful! My students remained captivated by each animal. There was sufficient time for them to touch when allowed as well as ask questions. They really enjoyed the program, as did I. It's not always easy maintaining the attention of 20 or so fourth graders!"
-Tara K. 


"The children loved meeting the animals and getting information about the care and lives of the creatures at the zoo. We have a group of children with a variety of special needs and the ambassadors were able to engage them and involve them in the activities and shared information in a way to make it easily understandable for our students. They did a great job!"
-Rebecca C.

"Wildlife on Wheels was an engaging presentation that was great for a wide range of ages! Our animal ambassadors were exceptional and our crowd had an excellent time."
- Maren C. 


"The entire experience was fantastic! The animal ambassador was so patient with our campers and answered all of their questions. The campers are still talking about it 6 weeks later."

"We had an amazing time at our 'Wildlife on Wheels' and found out many amazing facts about your animal ambassadors. We can’t wait to do this again next year with our school and hopefully trying to get to the zoo for a field trip!"
– Nikki S.

The Zoo will be open weekends-only
starting March 30th and 31st.