Zoo on the Go

A Zoo On the Go Program is an educational outreach program that brings live animals, artifacts, and other educational materials to schools, day care centers, hospitals, retirement centers, camps, and other locations. This innovative program features a variety of animal ambassadors and artifacts.

Zoo On The Go Presentations are designed to provide information about the animals, including their special adaptations, habitats, behavior, diets, and status in the wild. Sessions provide an opportunity for students to touch and observe the animals, as well as ask individual questions. Special topics can also be arranged to correspond with classroom projects.


For groups of up to 30 participants, we offer:

30 minute presentation - $150 plus a travel fee

60 minute presentation- $225 plus a travel fee


For groups of 30 or more participants, we offer:

30 minute presentation - $200 plus a travel fee

60 minute presentation- $300 plus a travel fee


The Zoo also offers booth style presentations for fairs, events, and other programs. Please contact the education department to discuss pricing of a Zoo Booth.


To make a reservation, or check availability, please contact the Education Department by phone at 413-733-2251, ext. 305 or by email at education@forestparkzoo.com.

Recurring Donation

$10 $25 $50 $75 $100