*Please note The Zoo does not accept American Express

Accepted forms of payment: Mastercard, Visa, or Discover.

Checks may be addressed to:

Forest Park Zoological Society 

P.O. Box 80295

Springfield, MA 01138

$2,500 Donation


Because The Zoo in Forest Park is home to 200+ animals year round, it requires a working staff 365 days a year. The Zoo employs highly qualified and dedicated staff to manage the day-to-day operations including the highest quality animal care. Your $2,500 ensures that our staff can continue our work in wildlife education, conservation, and rehabilitation for one week. 

$2,000 Donation


Brrrrr, winter heating bills. The Zoo's cost to heat the animals who need it during the colder months is $4,000! Your $2,000 donation will provide heat for the animals for 1/2 the season. 

$1,500 Donation


Did you know that The Zoo uses 300 bales of hay each month? Hay is used to feed grazer animals like horses, goats, and sheep. Your $1,500 donation ensures enough hay to last one month at The Zoo. 

$1,000 Donation


Did you know that nearly 90% of the animals that reside at The Zoo are either elderly or arrived at The Zoo with a pre-exisiting condition? Our staff ensures that ALL 200+ animals at The Zoo receive the best veterinary care possible. Your $1,000 donation covers one month of high-quality care. 

$500 Donation


Did you know that the animals that reisde atThe Zoo in Forest Park produce enough waste, or manure, to fill a 30 yard dumpster every three weeks? A $500 donation ensures that one load of this waste is removed from The Zoo. 

$250 Donation


Groundskeeping supplies have short useful lives at The Zoo due to the extensive work it takes to keep the 4-acre zoo tidy, clean, and operational 365 days a year. A $250 donation can provide 8 rakes, 5 shovels, and 1 wheelbarrow. 

$150 Donation


Your $150 donation ensures the animals who inhabit The Zoo receive proper bedding in fresh shavings for a month. 

$100 Donation


Did you know that nearly 85% of the animals at The Zoo in Forest Park are elderly and/or live with a defect and therefore are non-releasable to the wild? A $100 donation ensures proper prescriptions and medications for the animals for one month. 

$75 Donation


Hay is used to feed a variety of the animals at The Zoo, but mostly for grazers like horses, goats, and sheep. A $75 donation allows us to store bales of hay for one month. 

$50 Donation


Animal enrichment is a routine and integral part of our overall animal care program. We enrich the lives of our animal inhabitants by creating sensory simulation in play and in stalk-and-chase activities. A $50 donation allows us to provide enough toys and activities for a week. 

$25 Donation


A $25 donation allows us to give tasty treats to the animals at The Zoo when they're on their best behavior. Okay, even if they're NOT on their best behavior. How can we resist?


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Pre-purchased, timed tickets are recommended for ease of entry but no longer required to visit The Zoo.