Local Legislators Announce $125k in Pandemic Relief for The Zoo in Forest Park

Monday, May 3 The Zoo in Forest Park welcomed local legislators, including Sen. Eric Lesser, Rep. Carlos Gonzalez, Rep. Bud Williams, Sen. Adam Gomez and Springfield City Councilor Malo Brown as they announced $125,000 in pandemic relief funding for The Zoo. Due to the pandemic, The Zoo experienced a 40% drop in revenue in 2020. With 225-plus animals in our care, many of which require specialized diets, expensive medication and ongoing veterinary care, those financial losses were crippling. But thanks to Sen. Lesser and Rep. Gonzalez, who co-sponsored the legislation, along with the support of other members of the western Massachusetts delegation, we are able to continue meeting our mission, with a focus on education, conservation and rehabilitation.  We cannot thank Sen. Lesser and Rep. Gonzalez enough for their leadership in co-sponsoring this legislation that brought much-needed financial relief to The Zoo, and to the animals that call this place their home. 

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